McGee Cup Results


DRC – Shrewsbury, MA – 60s and sunny with slight to moderate headwind – Buoys + Stakes

Another strong day of racing for the UMass men. With an slight headwind under 10mph, the V8, 2V8 and 3V8 battled it out against Boston College, Coast Guard, and WPI.

Results on Row2k show just how close a battle it was, with the 3V8 just missing 2nd place behind BC B, and the 2V8 slipping ahead of WPI by 0.99 seconds. In the V8, UMass settled in right behind a very fast BC crew and ahead of WPI and Coast Guard.

Great racing across the board, with BC sweeping every event followed closely behind by UMass. Looking forward to NERCs, UMass hopes to push by BC in what will surely be an exciting battle.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 6.13.54 PM.png



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