What is Rent-A-Rower?

Rent-A-Rower is the team’s annual fundraising effort which takes place during the month of November. During this month, UMass Men’s Rowing seeks out manual labor opportunities around the Amherst area. The team will also be performing spring Rent-A-Rower services during April 18th-19th. Should you require services at that time, do not hesitate to email our Rent-A-Rower email account that is listed at the bottom of the page.

The services that our team performs can range from simple raking and fall cleanup to moving your furniture into storage units or up a flight of stairs. We have access to a truck that can be used for jobs requiring heavy objects or furniture to be transported.

There is no limit to the number of oarsmen/coxswains you can hire (except for the limit imposed by the size of our team!) and no limit to the amount of hours you can hire the team for. A typical Rent-A-Rower service will last for five hours with four athletes.

Rent-A-Rower is also very reasonably priced at $15.00/hr/athlete.


You can contact us for more information regarding Rent-A-Rower services at


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