Patriot Cup Success!

The Aggies came out swinging today at the Patriot Cup, sweeping the V8’s for the second straight year! The competion was stiff against some great crews, but the Aggies were able to put up great results in the 1V8+, 2V8+, 1N8+, as well as getting a race under the belt for the 1N4+!


Spring Racing Underway

The Aggies come back from an eventful weekend with a lot of good racing experienced heading forward! Saturday marked the 2003 Cup where we faced off against WPI, Wesleyan, Colby, and Hamilton. The Varsity 8+ came in third and the Varsity 2nd 8+ came in a narrow 2nd. The next day, the team headed to Malden, MA to scrimmage against Tufts and Amherst College, beating Amherst College in both boats. The Novice 8+ also put a lot of experience under their belts, racing up against third varsity 8+’s and some of the top novices in the area.

Winter Training – Spring Training Camp

The Aggies are back on the water after a productive winter training camp to Savannah and start of the semester indoors on the erg! Spring break training camp offers the chance to find rhythm and swing as we prepare for our first race of the season with a scrimmage against Marist and Trinity! We are excited to put the speed we worked to acquire over these past few months to the test against some great competition!

Hadley Chase

hadley chase floatilla.jpg

An exciting weekend of racing here with the Aggies! The Hadley Chase was the team’s first ever home race, right here on the Connecticut. All boats fought hard to defend their house, and the Varsity 8+ finished in a narrow second place finish four seconds behind Tuft’s University over the almost 5000m distance. In the same race, the second Varsity 8+ came in sixth, beating out all other second 8’s in the race. The Varsity 4+ improved leaps and bounds, finishing third overall. With head of the Charles less than a week away, all of the athletes are primed and ready.

Head of the Housatonic

The Aggies came out swinging in their first regatta over the season, racing hard over the 4500m distance. Despite it being their first race, oarsmen and coxswains from housatonicacross the varsity squad were able to put up competitive results, with the first varsity 8+ placing fourth in a narrow .2 second margin from third place and the second varsity 8+ coming right behind them in sixth to place second among all second eights. The varsity 4+ also put up a spectacular showing, starting the race seeded last and finishing 8th out of 15. With less than 2 weeks to go until Head of the Charles, all hands are on deck and the fall racing season is in full swing.